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My personal “Madonna and the Child.”

My personal “Madonna and the Child.”.


Please take time to read my very first Press. 🙂

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My personal “Madonna and the Child.”

I am actually thinking of a nice debut post until I saw the picture of my mom and the newest member of our family so I decided then to feature them.

When you look at the picture, it looks like there’s nothing special with it but the thought of seeing your mom carrying the youngest member of the family makes it meaningful.

My mom – Emerita Perito y Mangaoang, a 50-year-old mother of six on her golden year is a very simple individual. Though she is ambitious in a way that she wanted us, her children, to be at the best of what we could be. A mother who has a strong faith in God.

The baby is my youngest nephew. Born on the first day of March of the current year.  He was named Rhydell Brigs Terenz. I actually named him. J

Alright, “Madonna and the child.”? Ok?

During my younger years, I’ve always been a victim of bullying from my dad. As an eldest son, he wanted me to become the man figure for my younger brothers. Considering my sexual preference, I always acted like I’m the finest young girl in town – the thing he hates about me. My mother was always there to shield me from my father’s threatening fists and eventually puts up a fight with father. With a triumphant smile in my heart, I feel like I’m freed from a hot seat once again and hurriedly preceded in my room. Well, she will eventually scold me afterwards and strongly encourage me to be as masculine as I can be. I know it was not a joke but I knew right then, deep in my heart, that it I cannot fulfill the mission.

What makes the picture special? We rarely get pictures of our family members. One good reason why is because we don’t actually spend time capturing moments with each other. We always busy ourselves cooking food and preparing for a nice lunch or dinner and immediately eat after the chore is done. On a special note, mom always gets emotional whenever we had a reunion. Well, motherly heart per se. I remember this one day when we handed her the microphone to sing her favorite song “You light up my life.” She did a great start. She is surprisingly good at singing. Though somewhere in the middle of the song, she, for some reason cried and we ended up consoling her. Well.. A mother’s “tears of joy. “

As she start counting her grandchildren, she gradually feels the true meaning of “lolahood.” J Buying stuff for the kids, checking the brand name of their vitamins, babysitting, and most of all, catching the back of the baby’s shirt while her grandkid is learning how to walk. Amazingly, she doesn’t complain of tiredness and the likes. She really enjoys what she’s doing.

P.S. : I wish I could also give my mom and dad a grandkid! 😛 I LOVE YOU MAMA. I LOVE YOU RHYDELL. ❤Image

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